Let's Eat France!

Who said good things only come in small packages? At a knee-buckling 3kg, and counting, François-Régis Gaudry’s definitive French cookbook is one heck of a heavyweight… Midway between encyclopedia and recipe book, the acclaimed food critic’s ultimate gourmet bible rummages through France’s larder to serve up 1,250 speciality foods, 375 classic staples with a side of 350 how-to guides, (literal) pie charts, delicious anecdotes and a sprinkling of darling illustrations for good measure.

From where to nab the best endives and a potted history of croissants, to the finicky art of tartare with a family tree of condiments thrown in, one easy-peasy recipe and cheat sheet at a time, Gaudry chips away at French cuisine’s mystique, breaking l’art de la table down to digestible bite-size chunks. Gallic gastronomy won’t hold any more secrets for you.

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Let’s Eat France! By François-Régis Gaudry and friends, list price £36 / $50, published by Artisan Books

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  1. Travelers to France may also wish to carry along a copy of “French Menu Companion: Dictionary of French Food, Wine and Cheese.” It translates items found in restaurants and the marketplace and also provides culinary notes including lists of ingredients in many dishes. Available as a paperback or an eBook.