It’s one of those classics every man and his dog claims to have read – and with more film and TV adaptations than you can shake a remote at, it’s fairly easy to convince yourself you sort of, kind of, may as well have. But there’s only so many trials and tribulations a two-hour Hollywood musical can cram in.

A recent jaunt to Montreuil-sur-mer, where Victor Hugo dreamt up his magnum opus, stirred at our lapsed-reader shame, prompting us to dig out a dusty (but pristine) copy and get cracking. And it’s been quite the thrill. Hugo spun quite the riveting tale. That said, at 1,232 pages, it’s no small commitment. Quarantine resolution, anyone?

Elegance: Les Misérables, by Victor Hugo

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  1. I actually DID take it home as my quarantine book on 3/16 and just finished it yesterday 4/29. It’s amazing, overwhelming, gigantic, sentimental, rattletrap, moving, ridiculous, ironic, riveting,inspiring, maddening, panoramic, intimate, exciting, touching, unforgettable. As the fellow says, the advantage of reading it is that you don’t have to listen to those dreadful songs.
    Go ahead. I dare you.