Sea Bass served at Bistrot Pierre

Adam Townsley, group executive chef at Bistrot Pierre, whips up the perfect winter dish to warm those cockles

This dish is sure to warm the colder winter evenings. Let’s begin! Steam 60g of green beans for 1 to 2mins. Lightly oil the sea bass and season with salt.

Place the sea bass, skin side down, in a pan and cook until the skin turns crispy. Turn and finish cooking on the other side.

Don’t forget to remove any bones and scales from the sea bass fillets beforehand.

Warm 50g of sun-dried tomatoes with their oil in a pan. Add the beans and toss together for approximately 1min. Add torn basil leaves (5g) and season to taste. Now, for the caper and herb dressing: zest two or three lemons and squeeze out the juice.

Grate 5g of garlic using a microplane. Place the freshly-grated garlic, 10g of lemon zest  and 15ml of fresh lemon juice into a mixing bowl with 5g of finely-chopped parsley, 80ml of olive oil and 1g of salt.

Add 20g of finely-chopped capers and mix thoroughly.

Sea bass is one of my favourites and, coupled with this incredible dressing, the flavours really come alive. Arrange the beans and tomatoes into the middle of a warm bowl. Place the crispy sea bass on top and drizzle with caper and herb dressing.

Serve and enjoy!

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From France Today magazine

Chef Adam Townsley