Hunspach © Shutterstock, Bear Teddy

Every year, France 3 TV network holds a public vote on the Village préféré des Français. Here are the most recent winners…


In contrast to the bright colours of its neighbours on the Upper Rhine, Hunspach presents the typical architecture of northern Alsace, with handsome half-timbered houses.

Saint Vaast la Hougue © Shutterstock, Christian Musat


A pretty Normandy port, filled with history, authentic charm, great food, oysters, Tatihou lamb, cider… and a surprisingly gentle climate.

Cassel © Shutterstock, MisterStock

CASSEL (2018)

The convivial hospitality of Northern France, carnivals galore, the lure of the estaminets eateries, and the tradition of vertical archery. Need we say more?

Kayserberg © Shutterstock, CRISTIAN IONUT ZAHARIA


An Instagram-ready stop on the Alsace wine route and the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, with charming medieval streets and half-timbered houses.

From France Today magazine


  1. What a wonderful and useful article! Thank you! I can’t wait until this COVID-19 situation is finally finished so I can go back to France and visit some of these incredibly charming villages.

  2. Postponed a 2020 trip for obvious reasons, and now planning a month or more in France in late September – October 2021. Let’s hope it’s possible and that I get vaccinated by then! So many choices for regions to visit – starting in Provence likely, then to Limousin region, then to Loire, Normandy and finishing in Paris probably. Your magazines and website are so helpful; Merci Beaucoup!