Ski or hike facing Mont Blanc! Here are some exclusive sites with a view of the stunning Alpine mountain range landscape during your skiing trip in the Jura Mountains.

The Vattay

The ideal spot for a view of the Mont Blanc massif. When skiing on the slopes of Monts Jura or cross-country skiing in La Vattay, you have the choice to enjoy this splendid view on a clear day.

The snow-covered peaks of the Alps will seem very close to you, when in fact they are about 100km away as the crow flies! If the sea of clouds has not formed, you can also observe the magnificent Franco-Swiss lake, Lake Geneva.

View the Monts Jura webcam here:

le Cret de la Neige

Mont d’Or

At the top of the Métabief chairlift, the view is magnificent. When the sky is clear, you can see the entire Alpine range, from the Bernese Oberland to the Mont Blanc massif. Many skiers stop to take a group photo with “Mont Blanc” in the background.

It offers a breathtaking view, with the neighbouring Swiss lakes and peaks in the foreground: the Chasseron, the Aiguilles de Baulmes, the Suchet and the Dent de Vaulion. The 360° panorama also allows you to get an elevated viewpoint out over the valley and the landscapes of the Haut-Doubs.

View the Morond webcam here:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The Gounefay

High above Pontarlier, Le Gounefay is an area dedicated to skiing and snowshoeing. Whether you are a cross-country skier or an alpine skier, you will enjoy the white Alpine panorama. If you join the Grand Taureau, the highest point of the Larmont, an orientation table will allow you to discover the names of the different elements of the landscape.

View the Larmont webcam here:

Mount Chateleu

Climbing Mount Chateleu with snowshoes is a great challenge. And once the top, the Alps are revealed in all their glory. The summit also provides a splendid view of the Val de Morteau, which is very enjoyable during the calm freshness of winter. Mother nature draped in her white dress will amaze all your senses.

The Dôle

The Station des Rousses gives access to the Dôle, a Swiss peak at an altitude of 1,677 metres. Topped by a white globe containing a weather station and radars to guide aircraft, La Dôle is easily recognizable. On this Jura summit, the pleasure of skiing is accompanied by magnificent views of the roof of Europe!

View the La Dôle webcam here:

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