Notre Dame cathedral. Photo credit: Paris Info tourist office

A devastating fire broke out in Notre-Dame cathedral on Monday night, and the world watched in horror as this iconic city monument burned. Thankfully Paris’s brave firefighters were able to extinguish the flames late in the night, and save the structure from complete destruction. We are eternally grateful for their dedication.

Our team at France Media Group is shocked and saddened beyond words about this tragedy. But we have faith that Notre-Dame will be rebuilt, just as President Emmanuel Macron has vowed. International fundraising campaigns have already been announced. (Here is the website where you can make donations.)

To celebrate this great icon, our sister site Bonjour Paris has published “An Homage to Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris” where several contributors have shared their memories and insights.

Dear reader, we would love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts about this symbolic monument. We will be creating a showcase in the magazine in homage to Notre-Dame, and would be honoured to feature your stories and photos. Please send them to the attention of our sister publication, Bonjour Paris: [email protected]

Notre Dame cathedral. Photo credit: Paris Info tourist office



  1. 1160 a.d is when they started to build Norte Dame. Can you imagine anything that old??? The endless generations of people who have walked there is mind blowing. I get it, it is not more important than the welfare of an individual. What I want you to understand is standing in this place can be, and was for me, an awareness of deep understanding that we human beings have walked this earth a very long time and there is a spiritual belief that there is an awesome God worthy of our praise and honor. No this is not how I would honor Him, but sooo many in the past did. To stand there was a moment in my life I will never forget and this devastation is distressing, personally for many.

  2. Beautiful Notre Dame! I was in tears at the news, as it happened on my birthday. But I am confident that Our Beautiful Lady will be restored to Her former glory. I am only hoping that dear Little Dedo has survived. Does anyone know of this?? Please post any news of the darling cross-toed gargoyle. Bonne chance à toi Notre Dame!!

  3. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit last year and were looking forward to being able to visit again this summer. We were in awe of size, strength, beauty, amount of stairs (ha-ha) and the energy of Notre Dame. The fire was a great tragedy. We know, in nature, fire allows new growth and new possibilities. My family and I will still visit this summer and we look forward to visiting again and again and again. Please donate a dollar, five dollars, 10 dollars or whatever you can afford. Don’t let the promises of people donating millions put you off from donating. This will be very costly. Let’s help France work around the clock to restore Our Magnificent Lady.

  4. Please let’s make sure the building is rebuilt to appear as much like the original as possible,. No different design for the Spire for example,

  5. Very sad over the Notre Dame fire. It is one of the great cultural icons of the world and part of the soul of Paris. C’est Magnifique! It will be restored. Our Lady prevails!

  6. I loved this place and visited often while living in Paris. The organ concerts were spectacular. The Cathedral was spectacular. I was in shock when i heard of this while driving and couldnt wait to get home to find out. This is such a treasured loss. So very sad

  7. Cathèdrale Notre Dame has always been a special place for me both religiously and aesthetically from the very first time I was a student in France and subsequent visits. The French are a resilient people and the Cathèdrale is an equally resilient building having survived two world wars. She is showing the ravages of time, age, and this latest disaster but she will survive.

  8. I always regarded Notre Dame as the heart of Paris, in so many ways. I took my art class there one year to sketch the rose window and the intricate architecture. I am very sorrowful, but as an archaeologist, I must say that the ancient buildings and artifacts of Iraq, Syria and Libya were destroyed willfully, while Notre Dame was all but destroyed by a catastropheic event and in all likelihood will be restored through funding.

  9. I always regarded Notre Dame as the heart of Paris, in so many ways. I took my art class there one year to sketch the rose window and the intricate architecture. I am very sorrowful, but as an archaeologist, I must say that the ancient buildings and artifacts of Iraq, Syria and Libya were destroyed willfully, while Notre Dame was all but destroyed by a catastrophic event and in all likelihood will be restored through funding.

  10. It’s a relief to learn that the great Silbermann organ is unscathed. My recollections of it resonate like a Full Diapason, and the collection of J S Bach’s whole otgan oeuvre, recorded over 50 years ago by Lionel Rogg, has an honoured place in my library.

  11. It’s sad when great monuments are destroyed, as so many have been even not so long ago. I’m grateful to
    have seen Notre Dame a few times, especially since its a long way from home (Australia).
    However no one died, and that is the main thing. There are people starving and homeless on the streets of Paris and I hope any donors to the rebuild will also consider similar sized donations to relieve the suffering of other people. Without humanity there would be no great monuments, we must not ignore this fact.

  12. In 1980 my students and I attended mass on Easter Sunday at Notre Dame. It was such a beautiful service.A once in a lifetime experience.
    I hope in years to come many more people will have such an unforgettable experience.
    I will look forward to the day when Notre Dame has been rebuilt for all to enjoy once again

  13. We visited Notre Dame many years ago with all our children and every time we have been to Paris we also visited. We are leaving for France today and our plan was to attend mass on Easter at the beautiful church. Now we are very sad that we won’t be able to do so.

  14. I no longer live in Paris but Paris being my home town, Notre Dame has always had a very special place in my heart. I used to teach about this magnificent edifice to Australian students and took several groups of students over to Paris to see the cathedral. Yes, it will be rebuilt but please do not allow modern structures to replace the roof spire. That would be criminal.. There are no doubt many architects waiting to become famous who might inflict some hideous modern structure on the roof. Let them build modern but please, please, let them start from scratch, somewhere else: not on that wondrous old structure.

    • I agree with you completely, Etiennette. A modernist rebuilding would be criminal indeed, I would vow never to visit Paris again if they disfigure Notre Dame in that way. I once went to Monte Cassino, that had been beautifully restored to its original state after being almost destroyed in the war. Let us show similar respect to the magnificent skill of the medieval builders by restoring Notre Dame to its former glory. I was so shocked to see this tragedy unfold and my heart goes out to Paris and France.

  15. I am sorry, Pierre Adams for this terrible contretemps to your trip to Paris. There will be masses at St Eustache and also at St Severin in the pedestrian area of St Michel. Both these churches are beautiful as are many others. I’m sure you will be happy to attend anywhere. Have a wonderful Easter anyway. Spring in Paris is magic!

  16. While we all rejoice that it seems to be only the roof and its timbers which were destroyed, and which can be rebuilt easily (?), Notre-Dame de Paris suffers from a severe number of structural problems. For many years, architects have pointed out that the stone surface of the structure is crumbling and turning to dust. Rebuilding only the roof, without taking this opportunity to rebuild it from the ground up, saving what seems sensible, and reconstructing in the GOTHIC STYLE, to last for at least another 1,000 years, would be the answer to my prayer for the heart-and-soul symbol of Paris to continue to be revered and treasured ALWAYS by EVERYONE !!

  17. When God spoke to St. Francis of Assisi, saying ,”rebuild my church, which is falling into ruins”, He really meant, we now know, that THE FAITH was falling into ruins. This seems to be a similar sentiment, as France hasn`t the Faith she once had. Revolutions, socialism, and secularism, have supplanted God and His precepts, and as the oldest daughter of the Faith, France is being taught a lesson. I was taught by the FCJ nuns in Melbourne, and that Faith now seems a fading memory, even though I have never abandoned it.

  18. I note that the fire occurred on 16th April, the feast of St. Bernadette of Lourdes, who would probably be weeping right now, …but weeping for the Faith, not the church…..building.