Discover Short-term Car Leasing for Tourists in Europe

The following news might be alarming: Leasing a car can be the least expensive option for a vacation getaway.  Now that we sounded the alarm, yes its true, being thrifty can also be rewarding.

Are you from the US, planning your travel itinerary for Europe and are worried about renting a used car overseas?

Have you had to adjust your trip based on the insurance coverage offered by your rental car company?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Will I be charged more money for my rental because I am an older or younger driver?

Leasing a new vehicle in Europe is not usually the first option for those of us looking to travel on our own terms, in style and comfort. Nonetheless, I would like to share with you the best kept secret on how to travel throughout Europe; the Renault Eurodrive program. This straightforward program has existed since 1954 and is here to educate tourists on the best alternative for long-term car renters like you and me. As travelers, we like to do some broad exploring and once you finish the first leg of your say, French Riviera adventure, you realize you’re already 50 miles into a mile-overage fee. Or even worse, traveling in Spain, Croatia or Italy is totally outside of your insurance zone and drop off zone. The potential limitations with renting a car are, well, limitless. The next time you are planning a long-term holiday in Europe, discover the simplicity of a buy-back car lease and save time and money with Renault Eurodrive.  Leasing a car with Renault is easy and effortless.  The program works in 3 easy steps.

  1. Provided you fulfill the programs ONLY requirement of being a resident outside of the European Union, all you have to do is find the travel dates and amazing car model you want. Book it and voilà you are done.
  2. Drive the car nearly anywhere in Europe as any car booking automatically has full coverage of zero-deductible insurance. The proof is here.
  3. After your trip, drop the car off in one of the many one-way drop off locations for a small fee charge. But even better, bring the car to ANY location in France and its completely free.

Live Like a Local: Don’t Rent, Try a Short-Term Lease Instead

The buy-back car lease programs are great for foreigners who are traveling throughout France and Europe for weeks or month long periods. RenaultUSA specializes in short-term leasing in France. There is no “catch” to this program: the tax on new cars is high due to the VAT (Value Added Tax). By leasing new Renault and Dacia vehicles to tourist at low rates they avoid those high VAT taxes. In the future they re-sell their almost brand new cars to EU citizens at very economical prices. This allows them to pass the savings on to you the savvy traveler who leased a new car for less money instead of riding used.

So, let’s revisit the criteria get started on the road today.

To qualify for the buy-back leasing program you only have to show that you reside outside of the EU. That is all!

The buy-back leasing program has several other perks that they extend to travelers. I’ll mention a few, however, if you would like to read about these programs in more detail you can click here.

  • Zero-deductible Insurance, completely hassle free and is full coverage
  • Your car is brand new and you can put UNLIMITED miles on it
  • Never get lost! All models have built in navigation. Underrated, particularly when phone coverage gets spotty
  • There are no age restrictions! You can be old, young, or in-between everyone is treated equally!
  • Drive Anywhere in Europe!
  • The free one-way drop-off zone is massive!
  • Living like a local has never been easier!

The Key Takeaways:

The effective nature of the buy-back car lease programs in Europe has escaped the public eye of travelers for years. The mainstream publicity of the larger rental car bullies do everything they can to prevent you from knowing your options. Hopefully you and the other savvy travelers now have the choice to determine whether leasing a car in Europe is for you!

Click here to start your journey or call toll-free: 888-532-1221  tel: 914-510-2010

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