Bordeaux wine country. Photo courtesy of Auto Europe

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road trip in Bordeaux, France, is the ideal way to experience one of the world’s most famous wine-producing regions.

Bordeaux wines enjoy a history nearly TEN TIMES as long as the United States of America. The first vineyards were planted by knowing cultivators during the days of the Roman Empire, and the name Bordeaux is from the French “au bord de l’eau” – meaning “along the waters,” a fitting name for the vineyards which line the region’s famous waters of the Gironde estuary: fed by the Dordogne and Garonne rivers.

On this exciting Bordeaux wine tour, you’ll spend a day in 6 distinct and famous areas in the Bordeaux wine region, discovering the unique qualities imparted on the wine by the soil, vineyard location, and the traditional winemaking practices observed there.

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Day 1: Arrive in Bordeaux, Explore the City & Nearby Vineyards

Upon your arrival, pick up your car rental at Bordeaux-Merignac Airport and you’ll be well equipped to explore this beautiful, romantic region at a leisurely pace which you dictate.

The Bordeaux region is divided into 38 sub-regions with 57 unique appellations, with each one known for the unique character and flavor profile of the wines it produces. This romantic corner of the world is ideal for wine growing and is uniquely suited to exploration by car. Each turn in the road or bend in the river will transport you into a unique micro-climate, where the wines that are produced offer a delightful new twist on those you may have tasted at a nearby vineyard.

Several regions worth exploring as you are introduced to the French red wines in and around Bordeaux are the vineyards in the Margaux Appellation (a left-bank sub-region just north-west of the city, an area known for producing robust Cabernets and Merlot blends), the Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux (south-east of the city, a right-bank appellation renowned for light red wines and dry whites), and Pessac Leognan, a left-bank appellation directly south of Bordeaux.

Next stop: 52 minutes

Saint-Emilion. Photo courtesy of Auto Europe

Day 2: Drive from Bordeaux to Saint Emilion

Saint Emilion is a region many wine lovers in America have probably heard of. It’s one of the most famed sub-regions in Bordeaux, renowned for the production of Merlot and Merlot blends with rich, soul-renewing flavor profiles. A short drive in your Bordeaux car rental to the east of the city will bring you to this “Right Bank” region.

Next stop: 8 minutes

Pomerol. Photo courtesy of Auto Europe

Day 3: Short Drive from Saint Emilion to Pomerol and Fronsac

Pomerol and nearby Fronsac are located just Northwest of Saint Emilion, and each of these small sub-regions contain 2 appellations: Pomerol (pictured above), Lalande-de-Pomerol, Fronsac, and Canon-Fronsac. Select a vineyard in each, and schedule 4 tastings, spread throughout the day. This will make for a very educational tasting experience.

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Médoc. Photo courtesy of Auto Europe

Day 4: Drive Northwest to Cabernet Country!

According to the Wine Institute, America is the largest wine consuming nation in the world, and the most popular red varietal consumed in America is Cabernet Sauvignon. If you love a big, robust cabernet, then Day 4 of your Bordeaux road trip might be your favorite. Driving Northwest, back through Bordeaux to the Medoc sub-region will allow you to discover some of the most famous Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards in the Bordeaux region.

The Medoc sub-region runs North to South along the left bank of the Gironde, so we recommend driving to Medoc (the northernmost appellation pictured above), and then stopping at wineries for tours and tastings as you drive south, spending the night in Bordeaux.

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Cerons. Photo courtesy of Auto Europe

Day 5: South to Enjoy the Sweet White Wines of Graves

Throughout the Graves sub-region, located on the left bank, south of the city of Bordeaux, you’ll find historic vineyards and beautiful appellations to explore. Drive south through Pessac-Leognan, through Graves, Cerons (pictured above), Barsac, and Sauternes, spending the night in Langnon before crossing the river for Day 6.

Next stop: 29 minutes

Entre-deux-mers. Photo courtesy of AutoEurope

Day 6: Final Day of Tastings: Entre-Deux-Mers

Bordeaux’s southern, right bank sub-region is known as Entre-Deux-Mers. While it isn’t known for expensive, high-end wines, it’s a fun region to explore on the last day, and will allow you to save a bit of money after what could easily have been an expensive Bordeaux wine tour!

Entre-Deux-Mers’s six appellations are known for inexpensive, but high-quality dry white wines, light, fruity red wines, and sweet white table wine production. Start your day by exploring the Bordeaux Haut-Benauge, Loupiac, Cadillac and Sainte-Crox-du-Mont appellations before working your way north through the heart of Entre-Deux-Mers and back to Bordeaux, for a relaxing dinner on your final evening in France.

Next stop back to Bordeaux: 18 minutes

Wine Lover’s Bordeaux Road Trip Summary

The beautiful thing about planning a wine-country road trip is that you can and should keep things flexible. Rather than offering a strict vineyard-by-vineyard tour of the region, we’ve outlined a relaxed, flexible schedule which invites travelers to speak with locals, get recommendations about the best vineyards in the sub-region they’re planning to drive through, and pull over to explore any chateaux or restaurant which piques their interest.

Remember to pace yourself during your Bordeaux wine tour. Spread out your tastings throughout the day, and travel with a designated driver (take turns in this role!), and you’ll enjoy a safe, and memorable road trip in Bordeaux, France.

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