Christiane Trégouet- Creator of FRANCE À VÉLO, an agency organising bike trips.

Are you a bike fan?

I started cycling very early and practiced it a lot. In Germany I studied for a diploma in tourism, and faced with the demand founded France à Vélo in 2000. Today we offer a complete catalogue of itineraries with stays of 4 days to a week, in France and abroad.

One good reason to travel by bike on your vacation

Once in the saddle, the bike carries us, we can ‘live’ the environment: see, breathe, smell. The fact that you can cover more kilometres by bike than on foot allows for a wider discovery. The atmosphere is friendly in the bike community, the people you meet are curious, you can communicate well on your bike, and it’s good for cardio!

What’s your argument to convince the sceptics?

People often wonder if they will have the stamina to keep cycling for several days, and the answer is always yes because you can choose routes with different levels of difficulty; each route can be adapted to fit your capability. Electric bikes can give you a boost as well if you need it. Finally we notice people are so proud of what they have accomplished when they finish, using their minds and bodies.

What’s your favourite route in Burgundy?

We love our family circuit in Puisaye, and every time it feels like a new adventure. We plan for one night in a cabin in the woods, another in a trailer and on the bike new parents-child bonds are woven.

Ophélie Barrière- Deputy General Manager of LOCABOAT, rental for stay-on boats.

Are you a boat fan?

I discovered this activity when I joined LOCABOAT, I find it’s a really nice way to travel, especially in the open air.

One good reason to travel by bike on your vacation

It is a rare opportunity to relish special moments and take time for yourself. You are not in a cage, you can do whatever you want, you can read a novel. We mould the journey to fit the groups desires, the program and the supplies. It’s life at a slower rhythm. We find unusual, original and off the beaten track local tourism that lives up to our traveller’s expectations!

What’s your argument to convince the sceptics?

Our boat! It’s really top of the range. It’s called a pénichette, and is designed for easy travel, it’s safe for children and its cosy retro style gives you the feel of sailing in an oold-fashiioned barge. Most are equipped with navigation assistance so a child could drive them! Also whoever likes bike will also love our boats, because you can go on on-land trips by bike, and children can also follow the boat alongside by bike if they want! It’s great!

What’s your favourite route in Burgundy?

There is a week cruise from Joigny sur l’Yonne to Corbigny along the canal du Nivernais. We sail between 4 and 5 hours a day, discovering an amazing variety of countryside and culture along the way. The valley of the Yonne, with its meandering rivers in the heart of green hills, Auxerre, the slpes of Chablis, and the impressive cliffs of Saussois.