My Life in Paris: A Fishy Tale?

Ditching my crushed velvet tracksuit for a hat, coat, and bag, I zip out the door. You see, last week, over whisky glasses at the Café Saint-Jean in...
Épicerie Fine Rive Gauche

Parisian Walkways: Rue Cler, the Famous Market Street

Travel-writing guru Rick Steves called Rue Cler “my favourite street in Paris,” enthusing, “Rue Cler, lined with shops that spill out into the street, feels like village Paris...

Boutique Beat in Paris: Shopping on the Rue de Charonne

If it’s quantity you’re looking for, just follow the crowds to the boutique-jammed streets of the Marais. But for a real Paris quartier with everything you need...

Restaurant Reviews: Chez la Vieille in Paris

In Paris it’s always a delicate business to tamper with tradition, especially when you’re an American and the subject of your intervention is one of the...

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