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220th anniversay of Balzac’s birth

The 220th anniversary of Balzac’s birth leads his hometown of Tours to give the prolific wordsmith a big party (his Comedié Humaine series counts...

Le Dernier Mot: Le Sourire sur la Prairie

Thanks to Laura Ingalls Wilder, the kids and I are working on a new habitude: ‘The Smile’. It all began when a DVD box...

Book Reviews: Other Cats to Whip

No matter the level of our French expertise, we’ve doubtless all committed linguistic faux pas, the effects of which range from mild embarrassment to...

In Conversation with Elizabeth Bard, Author of Picnic in Provence

“America is my country, and Paris is my hometown,” said the author and Pittsburgh native Gertrude Stein. Stein was among the “Lost Generation” artists who...

Book Reviews: The Man in a Hurry by Paul Morand

First published in 1941, this is a surprisingly modern fable by a master of French modernist prose.

Reviewed: Taschen’s Paris

A gorgeous coffee table book that's all about the dream.