The MuPop: The Museum of Popular Music

The MuPop retains and exhibits exceptional collections, most of which belong to the town of Montlucon, via donations, purchases subsidized by the regional Acquisition Fund for museums and deposits of the Music Museum in Paris and the MuCEM de Marseille .

These collections are considered by the management of the museums of France as the National Reference Fund.

They consist of three inseparable, coherent and representative groups: the instrumental fund, the Musical Objects Fund and the documentary Fund.

There are 3500 remarkable instruments dating from the end of the eighteenth to the present day, including 200 bagpipes, 210 electric guitars, 140 amplifiers, 30 drum kits, 80 coppers, 36 Accordions…

This collection has been evolving and enriched for 50 years.

The musical objects bring together various pieces , practices and aesthetics of popular music: iconographic objects (advertisements, posters, disc covers, photographs), stage costumes, violin workshops, Ballroom flooring, recording studio and even a  punk rehearsal room…

The objects of popular music during the twentieth century technologies of the disc (phonographs, turntables), the recording (tape recorders) or the development of Radio (TSF), television and Computers.

The ensemble is enriched with a large documentary fund consisting mainly of sound documents (discs, magnetic tapes, interviews…) and a specialised library.

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3 Rue Notre Dame, 03100 Montluçon, France

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