My Gourmet Tours

Bordeaux by mouth in 3-hour walking guided visits 

A unique experience exploring Bordeaux’s culinary and cultural delights. In small groups, you will follow a professional guide round the historical centre of the city discovering its reputed local dishes and flavours. You’ll get the pleasure to meet outstanding artisans and taste their best products directly in their shops.

About me, Agnès:

I was born in Périgord. My grand parents and my parents were food producers. All the products and animals raised in the farm were on the family table lovingly cooked by my mother and my aunt Marie. Coming back in Aquitaine after an international career I realized that the quality and the authenticity of our local products were threatened. I wanted to become an ambassador of the products “made in Aquitaine” and of the numerous talents that still exist there. I want to share my passion for my Region with you and help you to better understand the identity of Bordeaux.


You will have a 3-Hour walking guided food and culture tour through the heart of Bordeaux.

During this tour you taste a full of fabulous local flavours and specialties and learn a lot about the history and the evolution of culinary culture of Bordeaux and its region.

It is for the foodies a wonderful opportunity to share a unique experience with a small intimate group. They discover the deep identity of Bordeaux visiting those who treat food as an art form.

With My Gourmet Tours in Bordeaux you will understand how each craftsman whom you will meet is participating in the transmission of the quality of the products and of the producers they are working with. You will discover how they work hard to respect what has been done, built and transmitted by previous generations.


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