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Mende vue Ciel. Photo © Ville de Mende

From the tales of a Beast of Gévaudan that engulfed France in the 18th century to Saint-Privat Cathedral that was founded by the region’s very own pope…

The area is dotted with picturesque villages and hamlets. Travel the region on foot to Aubrac, the Jonte gorges, or to the Cévennes. Alternatively, if you want to add some adventure to your mode of transportation you can also ride horseback or by mountain bike while you uncover the countless paths and trails that Lozère has to offer.

Explore the Wild Landscapes of the Lozère

The Lozère is a countryside destination. It is a special region at the heart of the Massif Central and is situated at a crossroads between Clermont-Ferrand and Montpellier, Toulouse and Lyon.  offers exceptionally varied and unspoilt scenery that’s great for hiking. The area is dotted with picturesque villages and hamlets.

The Lozère has a very small population, on average about 14 inhabitants per square km. in 2016 (compared with 118 in France as a whole and 269 in the UK*). As a result, the low population density has allowed the area to protect its extraordinary landsc

ape which offers exceptionally varied and unspoilt scenery that’s great for hiking.Get the most out of your hiking holiday by staying for at least a week in one of the many glorious accommodation options in Mende. We suggest five days of hiking excursions and discover the very best of all there is to discover Lozère through Mende’s organised hiking tours.

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Discover Mende Cathedral

After the death of Saint Privat and the miracles said to have taken place in the vicinity of the crypt where he was laid to rest, the town of Mende quickly became a very popular destination for pilgrims. It was not long before the national monument, known as the Gothic Mende Cathedral, was built over Saint Privat’s crypt.

The dominating presence of the cathedral is the key to understanding the history of Mende – it symbolizes the omnipotence of the bishops and recounts the origins of this city of pilgrims, which grew up around the tomb of Saint Privat.

Howeverthis small town with its quaint provincial charm surprises those who discover it. Unexpectedly, Mende entered the 21st century with its heritage intact… Mende has seen a steady increase in population over the last ten years. We invite you to discover why people have chosen to settle here for more than over a thousand years.

Inside of the Mende Cathedral. Photo © Ville de Mende.

Plan your Stay in the Lozère

Everything you need to know to get the best out of your stay in this exceptional region. Whether you prefer adventures or culture, good food or all of the above, you can enjoy a fantastic holiday at your own pace in the Lozère.

To help plan your next holiday whether for a couple or with friends or family, the tourism offices of Mende, Chanac and Bagnols-les-Bains have teamed up to create this guide featuring B&Bs, holiday lets, hotels, or campsites…

The people and town of Mende invite you to spend a weekend, a week or longer and discover the eternal natural beauty of the Lozère.

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