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Wine tasting. Photo © Le Cassissium

About Le Cassissium in Burgundy

Located in the pretty town of Nuits-Saint-Georges, Le Cassissium is a “gastronomic museum” where visitors (and liqueur connoisseurs) can learn everything about the world of the integral blackcurrants that grow near the green vineyards of Burgundy.

As a result, Blackcurrant liqueur or crème de cassis are one of the specialties in Burgundy and will most often be poured with white wine or sparkling wine.

Process of blackcurrent. Photo © Le Cassissium

Explore our interactive museum

Visitors will learn insightful information about cassis which include health benefits of blackcurrants, cooking tips, and even its use in perfumery! A fun trip for the entire family, both children and adults will wander through this playful and interactive museum.

Guided tour. Photo © Le Cassissium

A guided tour experience

Discover every aspect of the blackcurrant liqueur production through a guided tour offered by the Védrenne liqueur factory – located right next to the museum.

This experience is also a good opportunity to learn more about Védrenne’s history as well as introducing you to an abundance of all the fresh, local produce that contributes to the exceptional reputation relating to Burgundy cuisine (renowned specialities include coq au vin and boeuf bourguignon).

Wine tasting. Photo © Aurélie Gonet, Le Cassissium

Védrenne: French distilleries and liqueur producers with exceptional flavours

Our tasting bar offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic samples. While the adults enjoy the crème de cassis, children are welcome to try the various syrup flavours from blackcurrant, raspberry, cherry, and watermelon – our newest additions include basil and matcha tea!

Le Cassissium has a small but passionate team of food and liqueur enthusiasts who will be delighted to share their expert knowledge of the Védrenne business and its products.

A vintage photo of some English tourists harvesting the blackcurrants for jams and jellies. Photo © Le Cassissium

Did you know…

There are a staggering 150 blackcurrant varieties in the world, and each variant has a different purpose/use according to their country?

  • Blackcurrant is even totally unknown in some parts of the world
  • British people consume it as a juice
  • The French drink it as a liqueur

A tasty, educational adventure awaits you!

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Address: 8 passage Montgolfier 21700 Nuits-Saint-Georges, France
Tel: +33 (0)3 80 62 49 70

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