Domaine Gayda

Domaine Gayda

Encased by a beautiful, rolling countryside

Domaine Gayda is situated in the heart of the Languedoc region in the south of France, nestled in the foothills of the Pyreenees, surrounded by organic vineyards. It is just 20 minutes drive from Carcassonne, France’s second most visited destination.

The Domaine’s cypress-lined driveway cuts through its vineyards with draughtsman’s precision, looking as if it has always been there. It stands as a beacon in the heart of the Malepère appellation fanning out as it reaches the building. Housing the winery, the gleaming tanks and the restaurant nestled amidst the vineyards, with its deliberately understated design.

Domaine Gayda

Award winning wines: the taste of excellence

Domaine Gayda is different from other estates because there is an emphasis on a “quest for quality”, which is defined by its production of exceptional wines that have been perfected by Winemaker Vincent Chansault – as opposed to placing importance on the Domaine’s long history, like many others do.

With no pre-conceived ideas about grape varieties and terroir, his passion for wine is based on a sustainable, respectful and instinctive viticulture. The wines are inspired by the diversity and harmony of the different soil types and the flavours and aromas from the range of grape varieties. The result is consistently proven in these award winning IGP Pays D’Oc wines of excellence, including its renowned signature wine Chemin de Moscou.

The winery is open all year round

With available activities such as:

  • guided tours
  • cellar visits

This is also includes a range of tastings to choose from and a new ‘wine blending workshop’ for 2020.

The newly refurbished Boutique offers the range of wines for purchase and to complete the “Gayda Experience” you can enjoy a fabulous meal in the restaurant with its terrace overlooking the vineyards and spectacular views of the Pyrenees Mountains.

For more details contact Guillaume

Telephone: +33 (0) 4 68 20 65 87
Visit the website:

Locate us: 43° 7′ 12.7884″ N, 2° 9′ 47.3328″ E
Chemin de Moscou, 11300 Brugairolles, France

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