Château du Plessis-Anjou

This completely private castle is the residence of the Neeraj family who will welcome you into the heart of their home.

The different stages of construction and embellishment to the chateau, dating from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, make it possible for the guests to enjoy rooms of varying sizes and styles, all however are decorated with modern and comfortable bathrooms.

The swimming pool, the jacuzzi in the open air, the flower garden and the rose Gardens will be a convivial place for you to enjoy activities and relaxation.

You will find an art of living, a culture, an atmosphere and the fine family recipes of the famous table of hosts that will leave you an unforgettable memory!

Valerie and Laurent Neeraj, the owners will be happy to welcome you to their home.

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Château du Plessis-Anjou
49220 La Jaille Yvon
Tel : 00 33(0)2 41 95 12 75

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