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AMIRA LANGUAGE SCHOOL is a large, friendly learning center for adults (age 20+), located near the European institutions in Brussels. Established in 1983, we run French group courses all year round in very small groups (maximum 8 students). We offer all levels from Total beginners (A0) up to Advanced (C2). Our experienced, friendly “profs” all have Masters’ degrees in teaching French to adults.


Amira Language School’s French Intensive Groups (8 students maximum per group) are full of highly qualified, energetic people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. They come from all points of Europe and beyond with a complete focus on improving their language skills. Amira’s teachers look after everyone individually; we help all students find their best personal rhythm to learn French. Your first contact will be with one of our friendly, educational counsellors, who will help you choose your courses.



Amira’s teaching style is caring, friendly and creative with an emphasis on oral communication. We propose culturally stimulating courses entirely in French, with a balance between structure and spontaneous expression. You will find a range of activities from the avant-garde to the traditional.  The courses are built around 12 progressive modules in accord with the common framework for language teaching established by the Council of Europe.

Amira’s Teachers:



Amira’s small group courses run all year round with many small groups (max 8 students) and levels in parallel. You can take Daily Intensive French Group Courses (Mon to Fri), or join Twice Weekly French Groups or follow Individual French Immersion Courses intended for one or two students. Start groups at the beginning of any cycle.

  • Each DAILY INTENSIVE Group cycle is 40 hours over 3 weeks (July-August over 2 weeks). Lower levels are in the mornings, higher levels are in the afternoons. Six to seven group cycles, each half a European level, will take around 5 months.
  • Each TWICE WEEKLY EVENING Group cycle of 7 weeks is 31h30m in 14 sessions of 2h15m, from 7 pm to 9.15 pm on Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays. There are 6 consecutive group cycles in a year for all levels.
  • Each TWICE WEEKLY MORNING Group cycle of 7 weeks is 31h30m in 14 sessions of 2h15m, from 9.45 am to 12 noon on Mondays & Thursdays or Tuesdays & Fridays. There are 5 consecutive group cycles in a year for lower levels.
  • For INDIVIDUAL French Immersion Courses, we arrange the schedule to suit your availability.

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Since 1983, Amira has helped thousands of newcomers to Brussels enter a new language world. Whatever your present knowledge of French, the important point is that you are here with all your vigor and motivation. At Amira, you will enjoy an exploration which is uniquely you in new words, while you acquire the clear and elegant patterns of the best speakers.

“I completed two French intensive courses at Amira and I am very satisfied with the result, i.e. my capability to speak. The courses are very efficient and fun due to the excellent teachers and the small groups.”

Ramona LIEDTKE, Germany

“I had a wonderful experience at the school and learned a lot.  I particularly enjoyed the positive and energetic teachers who were fully committed to the success of the students.  I appreciated their sense of humor as well, which always makes learning of a new language easier.  There was a good balance between grammatical exercises and practical conversation.  I would join the school again, time permitting, and would definitely recommend it to others.”

Renne TRAICOVA, Bulgaria       

“I really liked the intensive course I took at your school. The length of the course was perfect and the learning method was great. I learnt a lot during my days at Amira. I am looking forward to join Amira again and keep learning French as soon as I come back to Brussels. Thank you for your great work.”

Victoria DURO, Spain

“Relation quality-price is the best, very good teacher”

–  Antonio DELAROSA, Spain

“Instructor was very well organized and office staff very responsive to emails”




Amira is right up to date with latest technology. You will find interactive display screens in all the classrooms, digital educational resources and powerful Wi-Fi to connect to our electronic library.



You can also attend your course from a distance by video-conference, either from time to time or during a whole intensive course from another country. Make sure to ask ahead. We accept only one person at a distance in any group.



Amira is a highly professional school.  We have been a pioneer of quality management for language schools, starting with “ISO9001” in 1995 and again several times with “ISO9001” and “Q*For” certification. As a result, Amira has been selected as a partner of certain Belgian public institutions, for example the Brussels employment office (Actiris). Students working in Belgium also can use “VDAB” government subsidised training cheques.  Amira is a member of “EFQM” -the European Foundation for Quality Management.

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