Learn About France

Here you can learn about France and its history. There is information on French books and interviews with people in France. Also, you can discover French language courses.


In a French Kitchen by Susan Herrmann Loomis

Just before upping sticks from the UK to head across La Manche I read Susan Herrmann Loomis’s On Rue Tatin. If ever we needed the...

Cook Like a ‘Bonne Femme’ to Celebrate Spring

Alors, le printemps est arrivé! Yet my favorite French author, Colette, often warned of “those deceptive spring days” that start out promisingly warm until a sudden bout...

Book Reviews: The History of Modern France by Jonathan Fenby

Prolific historian and author Jonathan Fenby has turned a scrupulous eye on France’s recent history, delving into major events and milestones from the revolution of 1789 to the...
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