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Travel News: Paris Orly Airport Modernises

If you’ve flown out of Paris Orly airport recently, you might have been struck by a strange sight: a gigantic collage of portraits—à la JR at the Panthéon [1]—plastered onto the façade of the South terminal. Celebrating the airport’s recent modernisation project, the “Bienvenue” fresco is a whopping 17 metres high and 202 metres wide, the equivalent of 16 tennis courts, and it required 10 days to assemble, with 10 rope technicians using 500 meters of rope.

The mural consists of 7,000 selfies taken at the airport, illustrating the day-to-day activity of the airport and the people who make it all work (like the firemen, airline crew, and passengers). You’ll even be able to spot celebrities like Muriel Robin, French rapper La Fouine, Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, plus Toby the Frequent Flyer dog. These portraits can be found on Aéroports de Paris’ Facebook page [2] (the hashtag is #iamtheguest). For more information, visit www.aeroportsdeparis.fr [3]

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