The end of summer will see a bumper crop for mirabelles, the glorious little yellow plum from Lorraine. Producers are expecting an exceptional season for the prized, yet fragile, fruit. As explained by Jean-Marie Pelt, “Le mirabellier est à la Lorraine ce que l’olivier est à la Provence.” The harvest in 2013 was particularly bad, so this is welcome news. [Liberation]

It’s official. France remains the world’s favourite holiday destination. A recent study counted 84.7 million foreign visitors in 2013. [France 24]

Paris Looks to Selfies to Battle Against Love Locks  [The Local]

Raymond Berthillon, the famous artisan ice cream-maker, has passed away. Do stop by the célèbre maison, an institution on the l’île Saint-Louis, for a scoop of salted caramel glace in his memory. [RTL, Le Monde]

The latest French fashion is to eat ugly fruits and vegetables [Grist]

Logically, Paris Prepares For Climate Change With a Floating Champagne Bar [Architizer]

100 Years Later, the Soldier Albert Tweets the First World War. See @Albert100ans [Europe 1]

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