Google Translate

Although an English speaker is on hand at many French tourist spots, it’s always a little superior to assume that you can get by in your native tongue. And besides, it’s fun and friendly to make an effort to speak French when visiting l’Hexagone.

When you’re in a fix, on-the-spot translation can be priceless, which is where the Google Translate app comes in handy. Although we found some oddities when we used the English-French version, such as s’il vous plaît appearing as the incorrect se il vous plaît, there’s no doubting its speed and vocab.

In addition, once it’s downloaded you don’t need (often expensive) internet access to use it. We also like the newly added, genius-like ‘Word Lens’, which allows your smartphone’s camera to read and translate the text on signs and menus. It’s free, too!

Google Translate is free from Google Play & Appstore

From France Today magazine