Behind this precious cloth-bound cover lies what has to be the loveliest (hybrid)
travelogue we’ve come across in quite some time. Midway between a watercolourist’s sketchbook and insider’s guide, Virginia Johnson’s Travels Through the French Riviera is a visual wonder.

Nimbly capturing the magic and limpid palette of one of the world’s most storied corners with each assured brush stroke, the textile designer and globetrotter takes us on a multi-sensory journey through the sights, sounds and high-octane past of the Riviera from Menton to star-studded Saint-Trop’; introducing us along the way to the motley crew who called it home – from Picasso to Pierre Gruneberg (swimming instructor) to Brigitte Bardot and Paul McCartney!

Packed with tailor-made itineraries and shopping tips (including where to buy the best ice cream), Johnson leaves no stone unturned. A nifty and oh-so dreamy travel bible.

Travels through the French Riviera; An Artist’s Guide to the Storied Coastline, from Menton to Saint-Tropez by Virginia Johnson, published by Artisan

From France Today magazine

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