Unfortunately finding Free WiFi in France can be harder than taking a decent selfie with Mona Lisa. You may see the word “Free Wifi” when you search for Wifi networks on your devices but you’ll soon understand that “Free” is the name of a French telecoms operator, hence not offering “free” wifi as you might first assume. But don’t panic, you can still stay connected while travelling and not pay a fortune on roaming fees.

Private and Secure Connection with Travel Wifi

It matters less if you are visiting France or somewhere else, you can stop worrying about finding a decent Internet connection in more than 120 countries around the world. Instead, you can easily get a Travel Wifi portable modem and start travelling hassle free.

Travel Wifi is the only MiFi company allowing a totally unlimited plan in France. They propose data allowances as big as 5 GB/day in Europe and 1 GB/day in any other country – not to mention that the connection in all destinations is in 4G.

You can connect up to 10 devices to a unit thus sharing the connection with your family, friends or other devices is not an issue.

Getting a Travel Wifi Device                       

The pocket WIFI can easily booked online, from Paris airports, the Travel Wifi office and at certain tourism information points.

The rates are:

  • France Premium Hotspot with unlimited data in France for €6.9/day.
  • Europe Premium Hotspot with unlimited data in France and 5GB/day elsewhere in Europe for €7.9/day.
  • World Hotspot with up to 1GB data outside of Europe for 8€/day.

Based on your preference there are several ways to retrieve your Travel Wifi

Your rental will include a Travel Case, Travel Wifi hotspot, user manual, return envelope, charger and the cable.

Returning the Device

It couldn’t be easier to return your device. At the end of your rental, simply put everything in the Travel Case, place the Travel Case into the prepaid envelope provided by Travel Wifi and drop it in a mailbox on the street.

Travel Wifi Sim Card

Besides their hotspots, Travel Wifi also has a competitive sim card offer Simy, allowing 20 GB Internet & free calls, SMS, MMS from Europe to Europe, the United States and Canada. The sim card is €24.90 for the first seven days and then €3.5 per day if you would like to extend.

Simy could be booked online or from the same locations as Travel Wifi hotspots. It is possible to retrieve them for the latter or have it delivered to your accommodation.

Wishing you a nice connected trip in France!

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