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As of July 10, travellers from England will be allowed to visit France without a 14-day quarantine period upon their return. This follows confirmation by UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps today that more than 50 countries – including France, Spain, Germany and Italy – will be on the list of places exempt from England’s quarantine requirements. The measure does not yet apply to other parts of the UK.

Below we detail your current main travel options to France

Travelling by air 


EasyJet has been operating some flights from June 15 from key airports and aims to start operating half its normal service by the end of July.

The only France-UK route operating from June 15 is Nice – London Gatwick,

The firm says more France-UK flights will be added as demand returns and border restrictions lift.

The company says face masks must be worn at the airport, at the gate when boarding the aircraft, and throughout the flight.

Read the easyJet ‘Fly with confidence’ guide here.

British Airways

British Airways is running a limited service of flights between France and the UK, including from Paris to London, and Nice to London. More flights became available from July 1. Check your flight status and make bookings here.


Ryanair has started flying earlier than its original deadline of July 1. It aims to boost its traffic up to 40% of the normal levels after July.

Air France

Booking a flight from France to the UK with Air France is already possible online although some flights are not direct.

There are a limited number of flights available from Paris and Lyon to London and Manchester, from Nice to London, and Bordeaux to London.


The company will operate a reduced flying schedule this summer. Check its latest Covid-19-related news here.

Travel by train

SNCF + Eurostar

Any SNCF tickets for journeys up to August 31 are 100% refundable, 100% exchangeable at no charge and regardless of fare. This includes TGV INOUI, Intercités, OUIGO and TER trains en correspondance (as part of longer journey).

A face mask is required on both SNCF and Eurostar trains. Although only one seat out of two was available before for Eurostar and SNCF trains, this restriction is being lifted and all seats have been bookable since mid-June. Read full Eurostar updates here.

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Travelling by ferry

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries resumed passenger sailings on Monday June 29, and has published a 12-point passenger safety guide on its website. You can see the summary graphic below.

The company’s CEO Christophe Mathieu joined passengers for one of the first resumed services. You can read his message to customers, including an update on answering customer queries, here.

P&O ferries

Meanwhile P&O Ferries is running a limited Dover-Calais passenger service. Full information here. You can also get the very latest on the company Twitter feed.


DFDS is currently operating freight and passenger services for essential travel. Read the latest here.

Travelling via Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel services are running normally and tickets can be booked directly on their website. However, passenger terminals are closed. Passengers must stay in their car while travelling and are advised to take food and drinks with them before arrival.

Stay informed with their Covid-19 update page here.

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  1. Do we know yet where we stand with regard to quarantine in France if coming from the UK? I have a holiday in France booked (since January) for September and am concerned at reports that as my accommodation and ferry are operating then my insurance will not pay out if the holiday cannot go ahead because of quarantine restrictions in France. It is a multi centre holiday with stays in each area ranging from one to seven nights so quarantine would not be possible.

    • Really lost confidence in France Today if they don’t even mention whether France is withdrawing their tit for tat quarantine . Hopefully France will do so but ignoring this is misleading its Readership
      Do they think we are stupid ?
      I apologise if I’ve missed something. If not FT need to apologise

        • Hi Malisa

          We are due to come to France on 16th July, will we be expected to quarantine for 14 days, we’re only booked for a 3 day break travelling from the UK

          Thanks Fiona

          • Hi Fiona, from July 10 quarantine measures will be removed on both the UK and French sides.

    • Check your insurance France is not on the restricted list so u should be ok, no need to self isolate or quarantine unless u have Covid 19 symptoms whilst over there .

  2. We have been self-isolating for 3 months as a family and would like to travel to France this Summer to getaway. What is the safest mode of transport to get to France and do you have any recommendations for a 3-generation family of 7 for two weeks?

    • Hi Tim,

      We contacted Brittany Ferries and received this from the Communications Manager:

      “Traditionally Brittany Ferries has been a pedestrian and cyclist-friendly ferry company.

      But for several weeks now we’ve been assessing how we may be able to offer passenger services whilst still adhering to all applicable guidelines. Like so many other businesses we’ve had to take some tough decisions in order to assure our services. These include drastically reducing the number of people that may travel on board our ships at any given time, and fundamental changes to our boarding and disembarkation procedures in port in order to simplify operations and keep all passengers, crew and shoreside safe. EU passenger rights are also an issue when sailings are disrupted, necessitating transfer buses for foot passengers and cyclists – again this poses problems.

      In order to streamline operations and ensure everyone’s wellbeing we’ve unfortunately had to suspend carriage of both foot passengers and cyclists for now, but we will of course keep this situation under review with a view to restoring these services when we can.

      We’ll need some time to assess how our operations will function with the new post-COVID measures and will consider what further adaptations we can adopt with a view to increasing capacities of all passenger types in due course. When we are sure we can offer transit to more foot passengers and cyclists in a safe and viable manner, we will do so quickly.

      Customers are still, of course, able to carry their bicycles on their cars.

      I hope this helps, and hopefully we will have better news for you soon.”

    • We are checking with Eurotunnel now. They are probably just experiencing high demand after today’s announcement

  3. Hello. I am an American that has been a resident on the island of Jersey since 2008. I come to France all the time. I just read your excellent article about the UK-France opening up. Are Americans banned from France or is it based on residency rather than nationality?

  4. Travel restrictions are purely in place for residency not nationality, so you will be absolutely fine to travel to France.

  5. Has France reciprocated by allowing UK holiday makers in France to not quarantine in France for 14 days? This not clear

    • Hi Guy, officially not yet however we are expecting an update to relaxation of their rules tomorrow (4th July).

      Currently quarantine measures in France for people travelling from the UK are voluntary and any agreement in place would have to be on a reciprocal basis. We are confident everything will be fine for travel from England to France from the 10th July without any restrictions or quarantine

  6. I have heard that in France groups of 10 people are not allowed to be together in public. Is this true? We have a group holiday planned and there are 14 of us.

    What does this mean for us?

    • Hi Charlie

      You are correct that groups of more than ten are not allowed in public places. So if you are staying in a rental property that is a private space and therefor not a problem. When you go out together to go sightseeing or eat out I suggest you split into two groups to avoid any issues. E.g sit at two tables in restaurants etc

  7. I actually was writing for France Today in the mid 90s! FT entrusted me with the Style Column, it was great fun. I was also writing in French for other publications. Re: your recent headline article on resumption of travel from England to France.. Although currently handicapped by my US passport, I am looking desperately for any way to reach France. I’m assuming all the modes of transportation listed in your article would still entail my US passport being checked upon arrival in France.. Are there any legitimate routes from England into France that do not entail the Douane rejecting my US provenance? ( I test negative on the virus and am extremely careful…) Any advice for making it over the Channel to some casual beach where I can alight?
    I look forward to following France Today online! And somewhere deep in your archives is my timeless piece on Brigitte Bardot titled “France’s Primal Mambo” and another Style column from 1996 devoted to “Parisian Bicycle Chic” and an interview with lawyer Bernard Silve in your Spring 2000 issue. It was such a privilege to write for France Today and now to write TO your editors today. Bonne continuation, c’est toujours d ‘actualité!

    • Hi Clotilde, bienvenue á France Today! It’s always great to hear from former writers. We will have to see if we can find you in our archive.
      I think you’re going to have to be patient about returning to France. The US is not on the list of approved countries right now but the EU have said they will review every two weeks. Although judging from news reports from the state of the virus in the US it could be some time .

      • Bonjour bonsoir Guy… Thank you for such a prompt response. Yes if you’re really bored some weekend, find my funny tongue-in-cheek France Today Style Column stuff buried in the archives, was still in print — remember that stuff?
        I am in touch with friends in Portugal, in France, ils guettent le ciel.. pour que je puisse de nouveau embarquer et attérir sans histoires ! Enjoy being in a modern lucid cultivated country!
        à suivre!

  8. Does anybody know if France has reciprocated the quarantine rules that the UK (England) have set out whereby you don’t have to isolate upon arrival? We’re due to travel to France on the 15th July for a week. Having to isolate would mean our trip would be pointless. We have a week to cancel without penalty. Fingers crossed we can still go!

    • Hi Sarah

      The French government communiqué clearly states that the voluntary quarantine restriction for arrivals from UK was based on the UK having announced our 14 day quarantine for arrivals from France.
      “De la même façon, les voyageurs en provenance du Royaume Uni, quelle que soit leur nationalité, seront invités à effectuer une quatorzaine lorsque la mesure britannique de quatorzaine, annoncée ce soir, entrera effectivement en vigueur.“
      The key word is “lorsque”, WHILE, so now that we are dropping our own restrictions it is clear that the French state will not enforce reciprocal measures!
      This has also been confirmed by the head of Atout France, the French tourism authority, so you are good to go.
      I am also travelling to France on the 15th! Bon voyage!

      • Hi, this statement refers to the quarantine when.
        The UK quarantine restrictions became effective but it doesn’t refer to what happens when they lift?
        Doesn’t lorsque translate as when not whilst?
        Please could you confirm how to access the french government current advice on UK travel to France?

  9. I an due to travel from Scotland to France in 3 weeks’ time for 2 weeks … will I be able to do so …and will I have to quarantine on my return….Thanks

  10. I am due to travel on 29th July and still unclear as to whether restrictions are lifted for going into France. The FCO website is still saying 14 day quarantine period is in place!

    • Hi Jill,

      Officially, yes, quarantine is still in place but the removal of it is due to kick off on July 10 – this was the announcement, not the immediate removal of quarantine.

  11. Hi, I am due to leave Portsmouth with Brittany Ferries on the 9th July, arriving at Ouisterham at about 2200. I am in France until the following Tuesday. Assuming that from the 10th July people from the UK will not have to self isolate for 14 days, would this apply to me from midnight onwards? The decision whether to take this trip depends on your answer! Thanks.

  12. I am due to fly to France on Wednesday (8th). Does this mean I must quarantine for 14 days, or only the 2 days until the 10th?

  13. I cant find any formal confirmation that travelling from the UK wont require us to quarantine on arrival. I need to confirm my holiday booked over a year ago arriving in France on 22nd July. My son has special needs and will find isolation really difficult. Is their a definite communication to say we wont have to quarantine?



  14. Hello! I live close to Dover/Folkestone and I would like to do a day trip for shopping to Calais on 14 July (Bastille Day). Can I? Will all the shops in Cité Europe be open on that day? Thank you.

    • Hi there, as quarantine restrictions will be removed by then, travel will not be a problem, provided that you can secure cross-Channel travel (book fast!). The Cité Europe website says that this year there will be :

      Prochaines ouvertures exceptionnelles des boutiques:

      Mardi 14 juillet ( Fête Nationale)

      Dimanche 19 juillet (1er dimanche des soldes d’été)

      Samedi 15 août (Assomption)

      Which means it will be open exceptionally on July 14, July 19 and August 15.

      I presume they want to be open for business even on public holidays to boost business lost due to confinement.

      Go here for full details in English:

  15. What happens if someone arrives into the UK on the 8th July with a 3 week stay, will they have to quarantine for 14 days from the 8th July or just 2 days until the 10th July

    • Hi Clare, see Martin L’s reply below please – it’s voluntary anyway so 1 or 14 days is a moot point.

      However, given that you are travelling before the July 10 end of restrictions, you will still need to check that you have the correct health form to take to the UK airport/ferry port (see Kevin Dickinson’s comment below).

  16. There is no quarantine for Brits travelling to France – there hasn’t been for a few weeks. Quarantine is purely voluntary going into France- and as they don’t take details of where you are going to be, it would actually be pretty difficult for them to check up on you anyway. I went a couple of weeks ago for 5 days, and there are just no checks. The issue has been coming back to UK, whereby you have to register with UK Immigration at the border, and tell them where you will be for the next 2 weeks, and give contact details etc. – so that they can check up on you during your 2 week quarantine in UK; no one checked on us in the 2 weeks. This all changes on Friday 10 July, when we are no longer required to quarantine in UK.

  17. Hi we live in France will we be able to have family to stay with us from England by 29th July and how many at one time

    • Hi Elaine,

      Numbers at home are irrelevant as long as social distancing is respected, and I presume you will not be having 20 people to stay at once anyway!

      One proviso is that currently no more than ten people can assemble in one group in a public place.

      From the French govt website:

      ‘En complément, portez un masque quand la distance d’un mètre ne peut pas être respectée’

      ‘Wear a mask when the distance [social distancing recommendation] of one metre cannot be respected’

  18. For info, having just flew into CDG yesterday.

    Health declaration form
    Air France did check for the health form at check in and had spares available for anyone who had not completed it.There were no checks of the health declaration on arrival in France just the usual passport checks.

    Due to personal circumstances we are except but the official guidance says you may be asked to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. This is voluntary. However there was no advice given on quarantine (id sen drafts of letters that I thought were being handed out but nothing was given to us) so seems like it has unofficially been dropped even if there officially at the moment.

    Social Distancing
    Very good on flight from UK. None existant on our connecting flight internally within France.

    Surgical face masks
    Mandatory on the flight. Can be removed for the drinks service (no alcohol and no snacks but usual soft drinks, tea, coffee and water) anyone wearing a non surgical mask was provided with a surgical mask by Air France before take off though there was no policing of use and some people removed their masks in flight.

    • Hi Kevin, thanks so much for sharing your experience. I’m sure this will put many of our readers at ease. When you mention social distancing being ignored on your internal flight in France, can you elaborate? Do you mean at the airport? The current recommendation is one metre apart in France.

  19. With social distancing laws what is the maximum number of people you can have in a transfer/taxi? We are a group of 10 including adults and children and wondering what you advise. Thanks, Adrian

    • Hi Adrian,

      I would suggest directly getting in contact with a transfer or taxi company by telephone or through their online chat form (you may find that this option will be the quickest) for accurate information. Rules may vary dependent on the company, your destination and/or duration of travel.

      Bonnes vacances!

  20. If i fly to the UK on the 8th of July. Do i have to quarantine for the full 14 days or just for 2? Thanks

  21. Hi can anyone confirm if this 14days i have to quarantine when I get to france has been lifted? I’m getting conflicting information and the ferry prices keep going up every couple of days. We want to camp and the campsite is accepting bookings in brittany but gonna be a rubbish holiday if I have to stay in a trailer tent for 14 days. seems pointless to book if we can’t do anything

    • Hi Rhian – check out the responses above particularly from Martin and Kevin. Answers your questions. I’m going in August 🙂

    • Hi Rhian, we can confirm that you will not be required to quarantine when your arrive in France or when you get back to the UK. Please book with confidence and enjoy your holiday

    • Hi Alex, thank you for your comment and we are glad we could help! Hope you’re having an enjoyable time out in sunny France! Stay safe x

  22. I live I the US and brought a home in Ruffec France. Last January and I am French my wife is American we like to know when we can come back to France

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for commenting.

      European officials have said that the list of approved countries to enter Europe “will be reviewed every two weeks. It’s possible that the United States will be added to the list if the country’s epidemiological situation improves.” – The New York Times. If you wish to read their full article, you can do so here.

      Hopefully you will be able to see your lovely home again soon, hang tight!

  23. I am wondering if, as an American, I could fly into the UK and stay isolated there for two weeks then be allowed into France? Since I wouldn’t have recently been in the U.S., would that be a workaround?

    • Hi Julie,

      I understand what you are saying but unfortunately, exemptions are strict and will only apply to European citizens or residents “independent of the purpose of travel,” nor to health workers, seasonal farm workers, diplomats, humanitarian workers, transit passengers, asylum seekers, students and “passengers traveling for imperative family reasons,” among a handful of other exceptions. Therefore since you are not a European resident, your well thought-out (but appreciated) plan will not be approved. You can find the full list of exceptions here.

      All the best, keep your ears and eyes open on our website for updates relating to COVID-19.

  24. Hi. We have bee. Told that we will not eed to wuarstne on our arrival in Fts ce but its not clear if we will need to fill in declaration forms and contact addresses in France. We are going for 7 days on 21/7. Does anyone know? Thanks

    • Hi Annette, good question I’m trying to find this out too. UK government said there is a form for entering france, but I can’t find anything on the French government site. Can anybody help!!

  25. Hi,

    I am coming to France mid-august from the UK, flying on an American passport. But I hold a residence visa for the UK and have lived here for 3 years. Should I assume that this will be ok? What if I have recently travelled to the states (in the last 6 weeks before going to France)?

    Please let me know if you have any advice xxx

    • Hi Olivia,

      Thank you for getting in contact.

      I am glad to hear that you’ve had a safe trip back from the US! Assuming you’ve undergone a 14-day quarantine without signs of illness, you’ll be fine. Residents in the UK are allowed to travel to France, even with an American nationality.

      Only some French airports, including Paris airports, Bordeaux and Lyon, are offering tests on a voluntary basis – so you may do so if you are travelling by plane to one of these airports.

      Good luck and hope you enjoy coming to France!

  26. Hi
    I am from Saudi Arabia I have been in UK Since January as a student
    Can I I travel To Paris for weekend and come back to uk ?

    • Hi Sami,

      I hope you’re well. Yes, passengers entering from the UK are not subject to travel restrictions and may enter the French Territory complying with usual regulations and providing they possess the right usual entry documents. It matters where you entering France from, as opposed to your nationality.

      If you do go for a weekend, be sure to maintain caution and continue reading up on all our heath & safety guidelines! Check out our sister site for an Insider’s Guide to Paris.

  27. I am British but have been temporarily living in the US. I am flying to the UK in early August. Nine days later I am scheduled to travel to France. Will I be allowed into France, taking into account that I will have been in the US nine days previously? I am aware that travel between France and the US is not permitted, but I can’t find any information about travelling between the UK and France for Brits who have recently been in the US.

    • Hi Beth,

      Thank you for leaving a comment and I hope that you are well during this very strange time!

      Passengers entering from the UK can freely enter France without restrictions, even though you had entered the US prior. Referring to my response from Olivia’s question above, some French airports (including Paris airports, Bordeaux and Lyon) are offering tests to any passengers on a voluntary basis. So I would highly recommend that you do so, as America is listed as a country where the virus is circulating very actively – just to ensure that all the safety precautions are taken.

      Good luck!

  28. if non-uk citizen that no need to quarantine after arrival in uk, and would like to transit to France by Eurostar on the same day, do I still need to quarantine after arrived in France? but my destination is Germany.

    • Hello, thank you for leaving your comment.

      If you are arriving to the UK and then heading to France on the Eurostar on the same day, as of current you will not be required to self-isolate upon arrival in France. But only if you are entering the UK from a European Area, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

      Arrivals to France from countries other than those specified above will need to complete an international travel certificate, which certifies that your journey is essential and confirms that you have not been suffering from a set of listed symptoms associated with Covid-19. Even if your destination is to Germany.

      • Hello, now with quarantine imposed for return from France, what does voluntary quarantine mean for uk visitors to France please?

        • Hi Gwynneth,

          Please head to this page, which is the official UK government site on travelling to France. Of course if you wish to voluntarily self-isolate, that is your decision. I would highly recommend monitoring all of the areas that you intend to visit and stay in, to ensure that you do not find yourself in any difficult situations! Good luck, Malisa

  29. I am American but have an apartment in Paris. I do not yet have my residence permit but very much need to be back in Paris to get back to working on a project. Is it possible for me to travel to UK and quarantine for 14 days and then travel into France from there after the quarantine period?

    • Hi Kristen,

      Yes that is absolutely fine. Prior to your arrival to the UK, please ensure that you provide your journey and contact details (link here to the mandatory form). If you do not do this before you arrive it might take you longer to enter the UK, you cannot submit the form until 48 hours before you’re due to arrive in the UK.

      Wishing you safe travels and a return back to your Parisian apartment!

  30. Hello I’m foreign visiting London but I don’t have residency however I have a house in London can I travel by train or plane to France if I don’t have residency
    Thank you

    • Hi Grace,

      Please head to this page, which is the official UK government site on travelling to France.

      48 hours before you return to the UK, you will need to ensure that you fill out this free online (required) passenger locator form. Please note that you will need to self-isolate for 14 days on your return.

      Thank you, Malisa