Senior man and woman in face mask. Virus outbreak. Retired couple walking in a park under quarantine during coronavirus outbreak. Surgical masks to prevent sickness.

When you travel to France this summer you will need to observe certain legal requirements to minimise the risks of spreading or contracting Covid-19. Of the various precautions in place to protect the public the wearing of masks is likely to have the biggest impact on your holiday in France. It is therefore important to purchase your masks in advance of travel and understand when you are obliged to wear them, and how to wear them for effective protection.

By law in France you must wear a mask when

  • travelling on any public transport including buses, trains, ferries, planes and taxis. This applies not just on board but within Metro and other railways stations, airports and other transport terminals and hubs.
  • museums and other cultural centres. Signs will be displayed. If in doubt, ensure you have your mask(s) with you before setting off
  • other places of public entertainment, such as casinos or enclosed tourist attractions
  • restaurants, when you arrive, leave or anytime you need to leave your table

Shopping with kids during virus outbreak. Mother and child wearing surgical face mask buying fruit in supermarket.

In addition

  • shopkeepers and markets may require you to wear a mask, so always take one with you when going shopping. Many people choose to wear a mask when shopping even if no restrictions are in place.
  • some formal parks and gardens may also require you to wear a mask

Buying masks

Masks (masque in French) can now be bought from many suppliers online. You are not obliged to buy or wear a medical type mask. A non-medical fabric mask will conform to the above requirements. However, there are different types of fabric mask available and it is important to use protective masks properly.