Amiens light show titled, "Chroma". Photo © Amiens Metropole

Amiens Cathedral

For 800 years, Amiens Cathedral has been watching over Picardie’s historic capital. It is a standout landmark on the urban landscape, along with the Auguste Perret belfry and tower, and catches your eye as you approach the city.

Marking the anniversary of its foundation stone, 2020 will be sparkling with events celebrating this octocentenary as the Chroma light show until September, and then again in December.

MuseePicardie, Amiens. Photo © CPegard

One of the most beautiful museums in France

Built between 1855 and 1867, the Picardy Museum is considered one of France’s most beautiful regional museums, with a design based on the Louvre museum model.

As a real palace, this building was the first in France to be a museum and served as a model for other cities. Its archaeological, medieval and fine art collections as well as modern and contemporary masterpieces are all housed on the three levels of this historical monument.

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