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The 7th arrondissement has gotten lucky with several new bistrots recently. The stylish Pottoka, run by the owners of the popular Fables de la Fontaine, is a delightful reminder that almost every really good Paris bistrot has the ballast of a solid regional allegiance in the kitchen. As its name indicates—the Pottoka, or Pottock, is a horse breed native to the Basque Country—this place is about great Basque comfort food. Starters include perfectly cooked white coco beans mixed with girolles, piquillo peppers, flat parsley and slices of smoked duck breast, and a favorite main course is axoa, a hearty veal stew.

4 rue de l’Exposition, 7th, website [1]

Lunch menus €19 (two courses) and €24 (three courses); dinner menu €35 (three courses); tasting menu (five courses) €55

Prices are per person without wine.

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Originally published in the March 2012 issue of France Today; updated in Nov 2012


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