L'Assiette Champenoise in Reims

It’s a highly anticipated day in the food world. Surrounded by intrigue, the release of the annual Michelin Guide fuels rumors and gossip for weeks in advance of its publication date. Which restaurants would be catapulted to stardom? Which could be—*gasp*—demoted in the ranks?

The 2014 guide to France, released on February 24, wasn’t unusual in this regard. Some critics bemoaned the rating system, which bestows stars on young, ambitious chefs while overlooking established veterans. Others criticized the red guide’s serious “gaffes.” Whatever your take on it, here’s the run-down of the winners.

There are 27 Michelin three-star restaurants in France; the only new one to join this prestigious galaxy was Arnaud Lallement’s L’Assiette Champenoise in Reims. Of the 78 two-star restaurants in France, there are six new ones joining the ranks: Villa Madie (Cassis), La Table du Connétable (Chantilly), Kintessence in Courchevel 1850 (Savoie), Chambard (Kaysersberg), Il Cortile (Mulhouse), and Akrame (Paris).

Michelin’s official press release emphasized the fact that young chefs under the age of 30 command the kitchens of many of the 57 new one-star restaurants. Also highlighted was the fact that the 16 female chefs were recognized. For more information, visit restaurant.michelin.fr.