Salade niçoise

Bistrot Pierre’s group executive chef, Adam Townsley, shares his twist on a French favourite.

One of my personal favourites, it’s simple and fresh. Perfect for lunch!

Top a handful of green beans and blanch in seasoned boiling water. Quarter one artichoke, slice a couple of peppers and halve 120g of black olives. Add to these the beans, 240g of boiled potatoes, and season. Cook 320g of garlic prawns in a hot pan. While these are cooking, coat 40g of anchovies in spiced our and deep-fry until crispy. I’d recommend heading to the fishmonger for the prawns and anchovies. White anchovies are my favourite. They are softer and more delicate – the ideal gateway fish for the non-anchovy eater!

Place lettuce (240g), watercress (40g) and sundried tomatoes (120g) into a serving bowl and season. Drizzle with a French-style dressing. Once the prawns and anchovies are ready, mix them in and begin poaching your egg. Add two caps of white wine vinegar to a pan of water, bring it to a simmer and crack your egg into a dish. Stir the water to create a whirlpool, then gently tip your egg into it, allowing the white to gather around the yolk. Ensure that the water doesn’t boil or the egg white will break. When it is cooked, place the egg in the centre of the salad, season and enjoy!

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From France Today magazine

Chef Adam Townsley