zChocolat Valentine's Day
The Romantic Sapphire Gold 2 Pc set. Photo: zChocolat

The France Today team were rather giddy when a zChocolat package dropped into our Bath office recently. Setting hearts aflutter, this lavish gift was a timely reminder that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – and a perfect opportunity to rekindle our relationship with French gourmet chocolate.

zChocolat bag
Fancy packaging, complete with personal message. Photo: Rhiannon Rees

Part of the luxury chocolatier’s 2017 Valentine’s Day collection, the Romantic Sapphire Gold 2 Pc set is an extravagant expression of love, from its ornate packaging to the delicacies inside. Opening the black drawstring pouch reveals a mahogany box adorned with a gold filigree key motif and customisable engraving, which alone is a lovely keepsake. Once you’re ready to enjoy the contents, simply pop open the clasp and feast your eyes (and taste buds) upon the 12 heart-shaped treats within.

As well as looking delicious, these chocolates are even arranged romantically, with a pair of golden hearts nestled together cosily in the centre. Coated in 24-karat edible gold, they’re rich in more ways than one – each petit coeur is a flavourful burst of dark chocolate and fleur de sel caramel, creating a divine melt-in-the-mouth experience best shared with your significant other.

Chocolate hearts
Coated in 24-karat edible gold. Photo: Rhiannon Rees

More opulent still is the Romantic Sapphire Gold option, a shimmering treasure box entirely made up of gold leaf-covered hearts. For chocolate lovers in love, it’s an ideal way to say “Je t’aime” with flair this Valentine’s Day. Of course, the price reflects the quality at €384,00 per 105 grams.

Based in Aix-en-Provence, zChocolat was established by Jean-Philippe Khodara in 1999. From simple beginnings to becoming a recognised brand name and collaborating with Pascal Caffet, World Champion and Meilleur Ouvrier de France chocolatier, the company has never lost sight of its goal: “Chocolate perfection with pure French savoir faire”.

Having indulged in zChocolat’s latest offering, we certainly testify to a successful marriage of sweetness and style, with a healthy dose of chic à la Française in every bite.