Grandma never dreamed of a notions shop like this. With thousands of ribbons in every size, color and material imaginable, it’s a dream come true for couturiers, jewelry makers, interior designers, hatters and those who know a very good thing when they see one. Minimal to the point of austerity, the boutique offers a huge selection of the 55,000 ribbons created since the brand’s inception. The Japanese company’s founder, Shoichi Watanabe, began making artisanal ribbons in 1954, inspired by the obi, the wide silk belt used for a kimono. His cottage industry was so successful that he opened his first boutique in Tokyo in 1967. Mokuba is now a leading manufacturer of specialty ribbons, using the finest silk, satin, organdy, lace and leather; some are laced with gold or silver threads or scattered with metallic “dust”. Prices range from about 45 cents to $175 a meter.

18 rue Montmartre, 1st, website

Originally published in the November 2011 issue of France Today