The Underground City of Naours
Credit © Cité Souterraine Naours

Unexpected, Mysterious, Full of History… Visit an Incredible Underground World…

The underground city of Naours is recognised as one of the largest tunnel networks in Northern France. Initially dug as quarries into the limestone of the Picardy plateau, this historic site was used to shelter local inhabitants during times of invasion, starting in the 17th century.

Today this incredible place is organised a museum. Visit the Underground City of Naours and in the museum, learn about the history of the region and the former crafts of the Picardy people, followed by a stroll through the 24-acre wooded park.

The Underground City of Naours
Credit © Somme Tourisme

During WWI, nearby Vignacourt was an important base for Allied soldiers. Here, Louis and Antoinette Thuillier, a farming couple who were passionate about photography and owned a camera, rare at that time, would take photos of the soldiers in an improvised photography studio. The resulting collection is unique in the world. These same soldiers also went to the famous underground caves and pencilled their names on the walls. With some 3,000 examples of grafitti, Naours and its Underground City boasts the highest concentration of WWI graffiti yet discovered.

Discover the story of these soldiers with the new museum of the “Silent Soldiers”.

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The Underground City of Naours
Credit © Somme Tourisme