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The Conquest of the Air at the Grand Palais

Take off to the Grand Palais which stages The Conquest of the Air, a brand new,high-tech spectacle dedicated to flight. It’s a return to the monumental venue’s roots because a century ago it hosted the country’s first air shows, proudly presenting the first airplane to enthusiastic Paris crowds.

La Conquête de l’Air– a sensory experience boasting laser effects, surround-sound and 360-degree projection onto giant HD screens – was created by Bruno Seillier, known for his light and sound symphonies at Les Invalides, the Château de Versailles and the excellent Luminessences d’Avignon.

The show also features some impressive props (real airplanes) as it traces the history and rise of aviation: from the first flight of pioneers like Louis Blériot, Roland Garros and Alberto Santos-Dumont, to the engineers and companies who remain at the cutting edge of innovation in the industry today. Linking the past and the future, and evoking the emotions that flying represents (freedom, independence, euphoria), The Conquest of the Air is ready to take flight and whisk wide-eyed audiences away.

The Conquest of the Air [1] at the Grand Palais, 9-14 April 2016, twice-nightly shows at 9:00pm and 10:30pm. Tickets €19 – €25

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