Le Bureau des Légendes

After an almighty cliffhanger the hit spy thriller is back for a third series – and with a turncoat agent captured by ISIS, it promises to be closer to the bone than ever. But enough with spoilers…

An instant phenomenon in France, the gritty American-style espionage drama stars Mathieu Kassovitz as Malotru, an undercover agent for the French intelligence service who, returning home to Paris after a six-year mission in Damascus, grapples to relinquish his alias – and a forbidden affair with a Syrian woman. His erratic scramble to cover his tracks soon raise the suspicions his team. Tangled in an inextricable web of deception and threatened with exposure, he commits the irreparable.

Creator: Éric Rochant
Starring: Mathieu Kassovitz, Léa Drucker

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