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French Film Review: Disorder, Directed by Alice Winocour

As action movies go, this is about as tightly plotted and minimalist as you can get. Alice Winocour, who has always specialised in realistic, gritty human stories hitherto, here brings lashings of guns ‘n’ ammo to her résumé in the story of Vincent, an army veteran with PTSD, who is hired as a security guard by the wife of a wealthy businessman on the French Riviera.

Nominated at Cannes, this thoughtful take on the ‘home invasion’ action stable co-stars Diane Kruger, and will please both hardcore action fans and those in search of something a little deeper at the same time. Neither, however, will be able to predict the direction the plot has taken by the end…

Disorder, Director Alice Winocour, Running time 100 minutes

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