Pablo Picasso, femme nue au bonnet turc. Image copyright: RMNGP

Picasso’s travels were not as extensive as you might imagine. But with his insatiable curiosity he embraced the world. His friends – mostly artists, writers and intellectuals – fed this thirst to learn about faraway lands with letters, photographs and postcards from their travels. As an inveterate pack rat who saved everything, Picasso avidly collected these images, which became an important source of inspiration and trickled into his own imagery.

This flagship exhibition held in two major venues in Marseille – the Vieille Charité and Mucem – is an invitation to travel with Picasso from the shores of the Mediterranean to the depths of Africa and beyond. The exhibition reveals Picasso’s imaginary journeys through 100 paintings, sculptures, assemblages, drawings, and also examines the artist’s affinity with popular arts and traditions, as they appear in his early work as a scenographer and costume designer for the ballet.

Until June 24, 2018. Websites: and

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