FIAC 2015
FIAC 2015. Photo: Sylvia Davis

The who’s who of the art world air-kisses on the aisles of the Grand Palais in October at the international contemporary art fair FIAC, one of the main art events of la rentrée culturelle (October 20-23). This year, for the first time, the event spills over to the Petit Palais across the street as well as the usual extra-muros exhibits at the Tuileries Gardens and other venues across Paris. To coincide with FIAC, we’ve selected three contemporary events to inspire your artistic explorations…

Soulevements Patriot 2002
Soulevements Patriot 2002. © Dennis Adams/ CNAP/ Courtesy Galerie Gabrielle Maubrie


When people say ‘enough’. This is the subject of this original trans-disciplinary event around the theme of human gestures that rise up in the world (or against it), looking at collective or individual actions and passions.

October 18 – January 15, Jeu de Paume in Paris

Ben Is Everything Art_ Être 1975
Ben Is Everything Art_ Être 1975. © Collection Lella et Pierre Le Pillouër, Vallauris


The Musée Maillol reopens following extensive renovation with the inaugural exhibition consecrated to the iconoclast Ben Vautier (known simply as Ben), a major figure in the contemporary art scene in France.

Until January 15 at the Musée Maillol in Paris

Cattelan without Cattelan
Cattelan without Cattelan. @Maurizio Cattelan courtesy Monnaie de Paris


Five years after his ‘final-ever’ exhibition at the Guggenheim, the work of irreverent Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan lands at La Monnaie in Paris for a comeback.

October 22- January 8 at La Monnaie de Paris

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