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Hermès Launches New Métier: Announcing the New Beauty Collection

French luxury house Hermès, known for its 181-year-old history of combining exquisite creativity with quality craftsmanship, will soon make its foray into the world of beauty products. The first collection from Hermès Beauty is a variety of lipsticks called Rouge Hermès. The line will be available in 24 shades, from intense reds and oranges to neutrals inspired from the label’s archives in Lyon [1] with over 75,000 silk swatches and 900 shades of leather. There will also be a limited biannual offering of three special colors.

As an homage to Hermès signature accessories, the lipstick will be available in two different textures: a matte inspired by Hermès fine-grained suede and a satin that imitates the gloss of box calf leather.

La Beauté Hermès – Range of Shades. © Sasha Marro

This being Hermès, the luxury brand brings its savoir-faire of distinctive style and eye for detail to the packaging as well. The color-blocked case, designed by Hermès jewelry and shoe Creative Director Pierre Hardy, is refillable and made from the same metals used for its handbag hardware. Hardy told the Wall Street Journal, “We wanted to do refillable so we could use more luxurious materials that had their own value. The idea is a form that’s both simple and playful enough to allow it to be done and redone ad infinitum.”

Each lipstick comes in a canvas pouch, encased in the brand’s signature orange box. There is even a handcrafted lip-brush to perfect the look. To augment the luxury experience, the lipstick will be complemented by a range of small leather accessories including a lipstick case and pop-up case with mirror on a cord that can serve as a pendant necklace. Hermès fans can also expect a surprise every six months for an indefinite period of time, as the new cosmetics line continues to expand.

La Beauté Hermès – Edition limitée. © Studio des fleurs

The lipstick collection is set to launch in March and will be available in 35 countries. For those Hermès devotees and others who can not afford the iconic Hermès Birkin bag, Hermès Beauty will be accessible – one luxurious feeling and chic looking lipstick at a time.

Hermes lipstick sells for $67
Refills will cost $42

La Beauté Hermès. © Joaquin Laguinge
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