The iconic National Geographic cover by Steve McCurry

125 of National Geographic

National Geographic is blowing 125 candles this year with a milestone exhibition at the Jardin de Plantes in Paris. When in 1888, a small group of adventurers, scientists and explorers set out to discover the world, they could not have imagined in their wildest dreams that what they first published in a modest bulletin became the beloved institution that National Geographic is today.

Until September 18. Website:

Paul Cézanne, Le Nègre Scipion, 1866-1868 ©João Musa

Monet Collectionneur

Like many of the great masters, the most celebrated Impressionist was also an avid collector of other artists’ works. The masterpieces he has gathered throughout his life constitute however a rare and exceptional grouping of masterpieces.

September 14 to January 14, 2018. Website:

Alberto Giacometti, L’Homme qui marche II, 1960 © Succession Alberto Giacometti (Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti, Paris + ADAGP, Paris

Derain, Balthus, Giacometti

The Museum of Modern Art in Paris is set to explore the friendship between three great 20th-century artists – André Derain, Balthus and Alberto Giacometti – all of whom were fascinated by the ‘dark force of matter’ in a new exhibition.

Until October 29. Website:

Portrait of Peter the First,
Jean-Marc Nattier,
1717. © Musée de l’Ermitage, Saint-Pétersbourg

Hermitage Does Versailles

Commemorating the tricentennial of a historic visit, the grandeur of Tsarist Russia meets the opulence of Versailles in the flagship exhibition ‘Peter The Great, a Tsar in France 1717’.

Until September 24. Website:

Napoléon et Josephine Jubilé Imperiale 2017 ©Rueil-Malmaison

Imperial Jubilee

Since 2012, the city of Rueil-Malmaison, at the initiative of the brand “Imperial City”, relives the history of Napoleon and Josephine through the Imperial Jubilee. This third edition will celebrate the 210th anniversary of the Treaty of Tilsit between Emperor Napoleon I and Tsar Alexander I. For two days, the town of Rueil-Malmaison will pay homage to Napoleon and his empress Josephine with fun re-enactments, exhibitions, and high-octane parades.

September 23-24. Website:

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