Architecture/ ©Marie-Caroline Lucat

There’s a stunning new theatre in Montpellier. What’s so striking about the architectural design is that the Théâtre Jean-Claude Carrière is entirely eco-friendly: constructed with recycled materials and wood certified by PEFC (which guarantees sustainable forestry). Unique in Europe, the theatre also sets an example with efficient heating/cooling systems, excellent insulation, and LED lighting. Bref, the building’s environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

Designed with a futuristic look by Paris-based A+ Architecture studio, the theatre is nestled at the edge of a pine forest. The entire construction can be dismantled at the drop of a hat. It boasts retractable bleachers, top-notch acoustics, and an entrance hall that’s filled with natural light.

Performances will be held in both the winter and the summer, because of the adjacent open-air amphitheatre at the Domaine d’Ô, the Hérault Department’s cultural space. The brand new theatre is named after the great playwright who lives near Montpellier and chairs l’Association du Printemps des Comédiens, the area’s big annual theatre event. Total capacity is 1,800 people (606 seated, 1200 standing).

Domaine d’Ô: 178, rue de la Carrierasse, ?34090 Montpellier; Tel: 0 800 200 165.


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