Great Destinations: Château d’Yquem

To drive up the long road leading to Château d’Yquem in late Summer, past row after row of verdant vines which are heavy with grapes, one slowly develops the impression of rising onto another...

Sète: The Venice of Languedoc

Wandering along the bustling Canal Royale towards Le Mole St Louis, a long stone jetty where I have a rendezvous with my guide, I can already sense the atmosphere of this busy Mediterranean port. Fishing...

Carnaval de Nice

It’s no wonder that visitors to the Carnaval de Nice may get a little confused by the riot of colour, fun, music, sand and sea. Winter? What winter? Okay, so it may be a...

Barging the Canals of France

One of the best ways to get an intimate perspective of the country, barging is soaring in popularity among travelers.

Where to Go Now: Nantes

Fun, games and mind-blowing art in Europe's Green Capital 2013.

In Praise of Piment

The cuisine of the Basque country is like the country itself, vivid, rustic, and full of personality.

France Abroad – The Taste of Gascony

When Eleanor of Aquitaine married Henry II of England in 1152, she brought a goodly chunk of France, but in London today the reverse has happened.

Voyage to Reims

The top tables in Reims and nearby Avize are very different from one another, but well worth the trip from Paris for a memorable feast.

Looking Around Avignon

For anyone thinking of a move to the south of France, Avignon might be one of the best places to start.

The Lovely, Laid-Back City of Tours

Beneath the plane trees lining Boulevard Béranger, the twice-weekly flower market in Tours provides a splash of color and a heady whiff of fragrance to the thoroughfare, one of several that can justly be described as Haussmannesque. The imposing Belle Epoque City...