Introducing France Today Travels: Experience France As We Know It

Bonne année et bonnes nouvelles! France Today is ushering in the New Year with a series of luxury tours around France’s most beautiful destinations – and we’re inviting you to join us! Brand new for...

10 Reasons to Visit Alençon, Gateway to Normandy

Famed for its UNESCO-listed lace pattern, the capital of the Orne département has more than one string to its bow. A cradle of history and green oasis, this rural idyll makes a choice retreat LAND...

Discover the Paul Ricard Islands off the Coast of Provence

A dream archipelago owned by the family of Paul Ricard, the inventor of pastis.

Barging the Canals of France

One of the best ways to get an intimate perspective of the country, barging is soaring in popularity among travelers.

Exclusive Book Excerpt: The Spirit of Languedoc-Roussillon

The area of Languedoc-Roussillon maintains its proud tradition of resistance against northern authority. No other region, except Brittany, was as quick to resist central (Parisian) governmental directives. In the Middle Ages it was, along with Midi-Pyrénées, the heartland of...
Biking in the Burgundy vineyards.

A Taste Trek in Burgundy: Walking & Cycling in French Wine Country

No doubt every corner of France has its own charms and beauty, but if one had to name the quintessential French region, it must be Burgundy. With medieval villages, ancient woodlands, fields of red poppy and grazing cattle,...

Les Angles Ski Resort in the Pyrenees

There’s a large wooden building near the top of the telecabin ski lift at Les Angles. It’s called the salle hors sac (which roughly translates as picnic bag room) and belongs to the local...

Voyage to Reims

The top tables in Reims and nearby Avize are very different from one another, but well worth the trip from Paris for a memorable feast.
Lascaux 4

Inside Lascaux 4: A Full-Size Replica of the Famous Cave

In September 1940, four French teenagers made a unique discovery in the gently rolling countryside bordering the Vézère: a subterranean cave lavishly decorated with paintings 20,000 years old. Even in wartime, word soon spread. Listed as a Historic Monument...

Beaulieu-sur-Mer: A Secret Hideaway on the Riviera

“They dined at the new Beach Casino at Monte Carlo… much later they swam in Beaulieu in a roofless cavern of white moonlight formed by a circlet of pale boulders about a cup of phosphorescent water, facing Monaco...