Petite Anglaise

Petite Anglaise is a surprisingly touching and often hilarious memoir of the author's life as a blogger in Paris

Writers in Paris

Bookworms and Francophiles should bring Writers in Paris along on their next trip to France.

Say Chic

Even if you don't speak French, chances are your French vocabulary is pretty impressive whether you know it or not.

After Marie Antoinette

From the children of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette to the pretenders to the French throne today, a look at the fate of the French monarchy

A Summer in Gascony

Englishman Martin Calder's memories of a summer spent in Gascony, "the other south of France"

The Galloping Gardener

French landscape designer Louis Benech's enthusiasm for gardens is boundless

Say It With Flowers

Since in France your flowers send a message, you need to know what you're saying

Presidential Desserts

Cooking for your own family and friends can be intimidating-can you imagine having to do it for the presidential family? When you meet Roland Mesnier, pastry chef at the White House for more than 25 years, he makes it sound as easy as...well, pie.

The Zen of Julie Delpy

Raised in Paris by theater actors, Julie Delpy followed the family tradition in her own way


France Today takes a tour around this department Before deploying adjectives and gushing superlatives to evoke the many-splendoured appeal of La Manche – the hunk of land that sticks out of Lower Normandy towards Britain like...