Paris of the Pacific: San Francisco Holds French Focused Heritage Day

The promotional flyer for the upcoming San Francisco Heritage Day 2017 announces: “Once upon a time, the French community in San Francisco…” Historian Dr. Claudine Chalmers completes the sentence in her own way: “…was so large and...

My France Favourites: Marianne Lohse

A few travel tips from the veteran French journalist.

Interview with Jean-Denis Rieubland, Executive Chef of Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa

Jean-Denis Rieubland, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, has spent the last 31 years in restaurants, honing his skills at prestigious establishments such as the historic La Tour d’Argent in Paris, and earning two Michelin stars...

French Film: Director Gilles Bourdos Discusses his Renoir Biopic

The movie about the major artist has garnered acclaim around the world.

Recipe for Disaster: Exclusive Interview with David Lebovitz

American food writer David Lebovitz tells Marion Sauvebois about his experience buying a Parisian fixer-upper in the 11th and going head-to-head with the builder from hell... If David Lebovitz hears “Pas de problème” one more...
Quartier Saint Roch, Montpellier

Francophile Favourites: An Interview with Sarah Hargreaves

France Today sits down with Sarah Hargreaves, a PR specialist working in Languedoc-Roussillon, who first came to Montpellier when she was 21 and has stayed in the area ever since... What was your first French experience? Living in a...

Francophile Favourites: An Interview with Author David Stannard

What was your first French experience? I was very fortunate to have been educated at a school in northwest London which, for its era, had a very modern and pro-European outlook. At the age of 14, I was...

A Conversation with Sophie Marceau

An icon of modern French cinema.

Yannick Agnel

Winner of two gold medals and one silver in the London Olympics, the 20-year-old swimmer led an impressive French team.
Chanson Douce

Actress Karin Viard Talks Her Latest Film, Chanson Douce

Multi-award-winning actress Karin Viard is responsible for some of the most heart-stopping moments in French cinema, but her latest role as a nanny in Chanson Douce is likely to be the most shocking and...