Canal du Midi: Trees in Trouble

Thousands of plane trees along the Canal du Midi are scheduled to be felled, victims of an incurable disease.

The Medieval Loire

At first glance, the 92-foot-high castle keep of Montbazon may appear to be just another of the many medieval fortresses found throughout the French countryside. But it’s no ordinary pile of stones. Built between...

Paradise Regained: The Gardens of Brécy

Ever since Adam and Eve were expelled from Paradise, mankind has been striving to recreate Eden on earth. Brécy, the most dazzling small-scale 17th-century formal garden in private hands in France today is just...

Jeanne d’Arc’s 600th Anniversary

Jeanne d’Arc is back in the news. France is celebrating the 600th anniversary of the nation’s favorite folk heroine, beloved patron saint and—along with her great admirer Napoleon—perhaps the country’s most internationally famous historical...

Saint-Tropez: All-Season Seacoast

Off-season Saint-Tropez is surprisingly calm, making it easy to understand what attracted crowds in the first place.

On Track for Versailles

Louis XIV would surely have been just as surprised as unsuspecting passengers as they hopped aboard what looked like a standard RER C suburban train to find its interior elegantly decked out in high-tech...

La Grande Singerie

Well-dressed monkeys cavort on the walls of the princely domain of Chantilly.

The Château de Monte-Cristo

When an architect informed Alexandre Dumas that it would cost several hundred thousand francs to create the elaborate English-style estate he envisioned, the highliving French writer is said to have replied, “I certainly hope...

Time for an Apéro

It's the mellowest moment of a day in France, a delightful interlude between the day's activity and a pleasurable meal: l'heure de l'apéro. When a waiter says those magic words—Désirez-vous un apéritif?—think of it as...

Fondue Savoyarde: A Recipe and History of the Alpine Delicacy

For most people fondue symbolizes Switzerland, but for the French, cheese fondue is 100% Savoyarde.