The Mystique of Megève

A minute or two is all it takes to fall under the spell of Megève—the icy cold air, the jingle of a horse-drawn carriage, the rush of a cascading mountain stream, the chiming of...

Of Castles and Kings

Not for the rugged Auvergne the sophisticated luxury of Renaissance châteaux. The great Massif Central, with dense forests and wild emerald ranges of extinct volcanoes, calls for stronger stuff. The châteaux d'Auvergne are mostly...

French Bonbons

Throughout France artisans are still concocting traditional candies the old-fashioned way.

Good Saint Nick

Forget about your blue-eyed, North Pole Santa Claus. The original Saint Nicholas, or Saint Nicolas as he's known in French, was born in modern-day Turkey around the year 260 AD, and would hardly have...

Lyon’s Traboules

Private passageways and secret courtyards weave their hidden ways through the city's historic streets.

Cleopatra’s Secret

Cleopatra bathed in it. It’s said that Nero’s second wife Poppea indulged in it too, and so did France’s king François I and Napoleon’s Josephine. The beatific benefits of asses’ milk are legendary. But...

In Memoriam: World War I

Across northern France, from Picardy to Lorraine, cemeteries and memorials mark the battlefields of World War I.

The Angel of the Rue de Turbigo

A colossal, smiling angel surveys the human comedy of Paris unfolding at its feet.

The Great Châteaux

Chenonceau The first initials of Henri II and his queen, Catherine de Medici, when interlaced, can form the letter D, as in Diane de Poitiers. And indeed there were three in that royal marriage. Henri had...

Troyes: Rainbows in Champagne

Lively Troyes, with its pink and yellow houses, is an unspoiled treasure trove of art and architecture.