Le Dernier Mot: Just a Matter of Culture

Our correspondent discovers a "zillion curiosities" on a French beach, not least her husband...
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Editor’s App Choice: Google Translate

Although an English speaker is on hand at many French tourist spots, it’s always a little superior to assume that you can get by in your native tongue. And besides, it’s fun and friendly...

Le Dernier Mot: Uninvited Guêpes

Wearing shorts and T-shirts on a hot summer day, my family and I are seated around our picnic table. Nearby, rows and rows of leafy grapevines flutter in the breeze… usually, this is a...

Le Dernier Mot: That Girl Friday Nonsense

The latest column from the founder of the popular French-Word-a-Day blog.

Le Dernier Mot: Poisson d’Avril!

The author of the "French Word-A-Day" blog explains how France's citizens get crafty on April Fool's Day.

Le Dernier Mot: Milking the Breakfast Bar

When Jean-Marc hits the all-you-can-eat buffet, our correspondent hides behind the pancakes...

Editor’s App Choice: Learn French by Codegent

A useful app for anyone who's keen to make the most of their stay in France.

Le Dernier Mot: Saperlipopette

The popular author behind "French Word a Day" explores the French use of expletives and grapples with her own kids...

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