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Editor’s App Choice: Google Translate

Although an English speaker is on hand at many French tourist spots, it’s always a little superior to assume that you can get by in your native tongue. And besides, it’s fun and friendly...

Speed Vocabulaire

The linguistic equivalent to "speed dating" is a great way to master the art of French conversation.

ISEFE in the Savoie Region: The Best French Language Schools

I.S.E.F.E is the only school of its type in the Savoie region, teaching adults from non-Francophone countries.

French Word of the Week: Le Foyer

From feu ("fire") to the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles...

Le Dernier Mot: Poisson d’Avril!

The author of the "French Word-A-Day" blog explains how France's citizens get crafty on April Fool's Day.

Golfing in France – a glossary of terms

As anyone familiar with golf will already know, there is a whole world of vocabulary associated with it. Fortunately, some of it will still sound familiar in French. From the various clubs de golf to...

Le Dernier Mot: Just a Matter of Culture

Our correspondent discovers a "zillion curiosities" on a French beach, not least her husband...


Look up bureaucratie in Robert's Dictionnaire. First definition: "l'influence abusive de l'administration" (misuse of official power).

Langue Onze: Fantastic French Courses in Toulouse

Quality, professionalism, creative teaching... This language school is highly recommended.