Le Dernier Mot: La Carte de Fidélité

While waiting in the checkout line at le supermarché, I listen to the man in front of me flirt with la caissière. "Non, je ne suis jamais fidèle!" he chuckles, and his eyes brighten like...

Speed Vocabulaire

The linguistic equivalent to "speed dating" is a great way to master the art of French conversation.

French Accents

French Accents began as an exploration of the age-old questions: What is French style and how can one achieve this seemingly effortless but impeccably chic look at home? To find the answer, I traveled...

French Word of the Week: Allure

A nuanced characteristic that embodies far more than "magnetism."

French Word of the Week: Tenir

A verb that can lift your soul to the heavens or put you down to the lowest depths of disdain.

French Word of the Week: Épanouissement

Épanouissement is the French word for "bloom," but this literal botanical sense is only one of the many uses of the word. It also comes closest to that elusive concept that the Declaration of...

French Word of the Week: L’Esprit

The "mind" and "spirit" of a fabulous French mot.

French Word of the Week: Le Foyer

From feu ("fire") to the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles...

The Language of Love

In the United States, we pull petals off daisies: "loves me, loves me not." In France, where hairs are not split, but coupés en quatre (cut in quarters), plucking marguerites has seven choices: Il...

Cherchez L’Homme

Has the combination of elegance, romanticism and bravado that characterized the French lover become a myth?